Mathematical Methods in Engineering International Symposium

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the Mathematical Methods in Engineering International Symposium – MME'2010, to be held in Coimbra, from 21 to 24 October 2010. This event is organized in cooperation with IPC - Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra - and ISEC – Institute of Engineering of Coimbra.

The conference is intended to be an international forum where an effective exchange of knowledge and experience amongst researchers active in various theoretical and applied areas of mathematics and engineering can take place. Participation of engineers and other scientists from industry is particularly welcome.

You are kindly invited to participate in the 3rd  Conference in Mathematical Methods in Engineering,  2010.
We look forward to seeing you in Coimbra.

Invited Lectures

Tenreiro Machado, J. A., Portugal
Agrawal, Om. P., USA
Miranda Dias, J. M., Portugal
Baleanu, D., Turkey
Albert Luo, USA
Tar, J., Hungary
Zdenek, P. Bazant, USA
Hojjat Adeli, USA

Honorary Committee

Rui Antunes, Portugal
Carlos Encarnação - Mayor of Coimbra


J.A. Tenreiro Machado, Portugal


Ortigueira, M. D., Portugal
Miranda Dias, J. M., Portugal
Ziya B. Guvenc, Turkey

Organizing Committee

Cândida Malça, Portugal
Filomena Canova, Portugal
Jorge Barbosa, Portugal
Micael Couceiro, Portugal
Nuno Ferreira, Portugal
Deolinda Simões, Portugal
Pascoal Silva, Portugal

Scientific Committee

Agrawal, O.P., USA
Agreira, C. I. F., Portugal
Aldroubi A., USA
Ashyralyev A., Turkey
Baleanu, D., Turkey
Bessa, M. Portugal
Boaventura, J., Portugal
Borralho Ferreira, C. M., Portugal
Borrego, L., Portugal
Branco, J.R. Portugal
Brown, L.M., Turkey
Cardoso J., Portugal
Chenkuan,L., Canada
Cruz Moreira, C. M., Portugal
Cunha Viana, J., Portugal
Daubechies, I., USA
Demirci, M., Turkey
Dinc, E., Turkey
Elmenreich,W., Austria
Facas Vicente, M. A., Portugal
Ferreira, F. J. T. E., Portugal
Fidalgo, C., Portugal
Fisher, B., England
Fonseca Ferreira, NM., Portugal
Francisco do Carmo, R. N., Portugal
Fragoso, T. C. M., Portugal
Ibrahim, R.A., USA
Ionescu, C., Belgium
Galvão Ribeiro, A. M., Portugal
Girão Coelho, A. M., Portugal
Gonçalves Almeida, J. A., Portugal
Gorenflo, R., Germany
Lopes, F. P., Portugal

Scientific Committee

Lorenzo, C.F., USA
Luo, Albert C. J. USA
Mainardi, F., Italy
Martins, F., M., L., Portugal
Mendes Ferreira, J. A., Portugal
Mendes, R., Portugal
Monteiro da Costa, M. C., Portugal
Nigmatullin, R. R., Russia
Niculescu, C., Romania
Ortigueira , M.D., Portugal
Oustaloup, O., France
Ozcag, E., Turkey
Ozdemir, N., Turkey
Pereira, A. J. C., Portugal
Pereira do Amaral, A. L., Portugal
Pereira, C., Portugal
Pereirinha, P., Portugal
Pinto C., Portugal
Rosario, J. M. Brazil
Rocha, R. Portugal
Rocha, T. R., Portugal
Rodrigues, R., Portugal
Rudas, I., Hungary
Sabatier, J., France
Santos, V., Portugal
Scalas, E., Italy
Silva, M. F., Portugal
Stetter,H.J., Austria
Solteiro Pires, E., Portugal
Travassos Valdez, M. M., Portugal
Urbano, N.,Portugal
Valério, D., Portugal
Vinagre, M., Spain
Yakubovich, S.,Portugal



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